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Board games: not just for Christmas but the Geek Chic Trend for 2016

I like to think that my family is a little ahead of the curve on certain trends. We were rocking ugly Christmas sweaters over 8 years ago, and visited the first escape room in Calgary when the doors first opened (a little over a year later and there are now 7 in the city). Geeky trends are kinda our thing. Continue reading “Board games: not just for Christmas but the Geek Chic Trend for 2016”


Goodbye 2015 Hello 2016

It’s been over 3 months since my last blog post and I’m disappointed that I was just too busy to write about all the fabulous things going on in Sep-Dec 2015:  Continue reading “Goodbye 2015 Hello 2016”

Gym Rat Hits the (Climbing) Wall

Since giving up my gym membership over a year ago, I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate physical activity into daily life. From walking or biking to school, to trampolining and running around the park, I’m now thinking that just keeping up with the kids and doing what they do is a great step in the right direction.

We recently visited Calgary Climbing Centre’s new location near the airport. Continue reading “Gym Rat Hits the (Climbing) Wall”

After the Rain: A lesson in gardening

It rained all day yesterday and felt almost winter like as a few flurries fell over our garden and the temperature dropped to around zero. We all wore layers, boots and carried umbrellas. The sort of day that is rare in Calgary, but I love because it reminds me of Scotland and replenishes the plants. I may be the world’s worst gardener, and typically kill off any living plant in my possession, including both an air plant and cactus, which I was told would be practically indestructible. And Mother’s Day potted plants? Forget it. The only thing that truly thrives in our garden is the apple tree, which requires zero maintenance, produces thousands of small apples each year, which all ripen and drop at once (September then becomes my “we can have anything for dinner as long as it includes apples” month).

Continue reading “After the Rain: A lesson in gardening”

The Great East Coast Kitchen Party Lobster Boil at Symons Valley Ranch

When the poster for a Lobster Boil caught my eye at Symons Valley Ranch a few weeks ago, I was very intrigued! I have been attending the farmers market on and off for the past couple of years and love to support the local stalls. It’s the only year round market in the NW and it seems to have had ups and downs in terms of vendors and visitors. Tickets were available by email or phone, and there seemed no mention of the event online. “Wow, this seems exclusive and a it old skool!” I thought.

Continue reading “The Great East Coast Kitchen Party Lobster Boil at Symons Valley Ranch”

Hike and Bike in K-Country

On Monday we headed out to Kananaskis and to the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. The last time we’d been that way was in June 2013 when we hiked to Elbow Lake a few days before the crazy flood annihilated the valley, washed away the highway and displaced thousands from their homes across Southern Alberta. Continue reading “Hike and Bike in K-Country”

Kid-approved back-to-school snack and lunch recipes

The kids went back to school today! Today, then, officially marks my first day back in full-time-ish work – eek. We had the usual back-to-school fun of haircuts, new shoes, snack and lunch planning etc etc about a month before most other schools go back because we’re in a year-round school with a more balanced 11 month calendar Aug-Jun. Continue reading “Kid-approved back-to-school snack and lunch recipes”

My recipe for neighbourhood awesome-sauce

Avenue Mag published Calgary’s Best Neighbourhoods 2015 and now we have some people saying “yay” as their neighbourhood made the cut, and the rest of us saying “blah, maybe next year”. Continue reading “My recipe for neighbourhood awesome-sauce”

Day One on St. Patrick’s Island

I’ve had a bit of a love affair with the East Village for a long time and haven’t been down that way for, oh, at least a week, so was overdue another visit. A trip to the brand spanking new St. Patrick’s Island was obviously needed today (i.e. the first day it was open to the public). Continue reading “Day One on St. Patrick’s Island”

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