What do you do if you are needing business cards for a conference or a meeting tomorrow and you don’t have time to order any? I had this very challenge and here is the solution I came up with.

A google search unearthed no end of creative DIY business card ideas. The criteria for mine were:

  1. No hard-to-find materials (I didn’t want to schlep around 10 stores looking for scratch off stickers or specialist tools)
  2. Cost efficient
  3. Minimal crafting, writing or drawing skills required (hand illustrations and calligraphy are NOT my forte)
  4. Fast (no more than 3 hours from idea to completion, including shopping time)
  5. Be unique and fun

This ruled out A LOT of the options I found online. Here’s what I ended up doing:

  • Bought a Changeable Self-Inking Stamp from Staples (link)
  • Got some tags from Staples (link) – luggage tags or cardstock would work brilliantly too, and I briefly considered using coloured heart shaped Post-it Notes
  • Picked up a cute “Hello” stamp from Michaels
  • Dug out my kids’ colourful ink pad

Creating the custom stamp was super fiddly. I wanted to change it up as soon as I saw the end result but really couldn’t be bothered. However, I love that I CAN change it up anytime to create different messages. I stamped one side of each tag with my custom stamp and employed my daughter to stamp “hello” on the reverse, giving her full autonomy to choose the colour(s).

I’m really happy with the way they have turned out and am looking forward to passing them out this weekend at a Personal Branding Conference.

The inspiration came from here