Years ago, I bought a giant cup cake pan and justified the extortionate cost by saying that I’d use it for EVERY SINGLE birthday cake for all family members forever more. Whilst I haven’t exactly done that, I have had a lot of fun with it, as well as a few “what have I gotten myself into” moments of cake decorating. Thought I’d share a few of them here…

No kids party was complete when I was growing up without Marshmallow Top Hats. Take some mini muffin cases and add melted chocolate to the bottom of each to create the brim of the hat, add a marshmallow and top with a smartie glued on with more melted chocolate. Delicious, easy, fun and a hit with kids of all ages!

Some years, I simply chose a colour and/or theme, frosted away and added some simple decorations. Above, the green “grass” icing was piped on and gummy bears added for a teddy bear’s picnic theme. To maintain the correct ratio of icing to cake, I like to hollow out the middle of the cake and add more frosting there.

For my daughter’s first birthday, I started getting a bit more creative and combined the giant cupcake with a mini-cupcake “hungry caterpillar”, which appeared to have eaten through the giant cupcake.

I bought some metal curled decoration thingies to help create this super hero cake.

In a departure from the giant cupcake thing, I embarked on one of my biggest ever projects and my first ever attempt at fondant icing. Hours and hours and hours I tells ya. Looked great, but man, was it time consuming.

I reverted to regular cupcakes with store bought decorations on a few occasions, and I’m definitely not against just buying the whole darn thing from the store 🙂


I was rather proud of myself to, not only create a “beach” cake complete with sunbathing and swimming bears and shark fruit salad, but also find flip-flops to give as favours. In Calgary. In January.

Here’s the latest creation for my pizza-loving son… a “pizza” cake. Home-customized Little Caesar’s box (see what I did there?). Giant cookie dough base, raspberry jam for the sauce, grated white chocolate for the cheese (top tip: you don’t need nearly as much as you think you do), apple for onions, kiwi for peppers, grapes for olives, strawberries for pepperoni and the most amazing darn marshmallow mushrooms you have ever seen (honestly, one kid was so freaked out by them looking so real, that he refused to even try one!). Marshmallows for the win, every time. Remember, if in doubt, Marshmallow Top Hats.