Once every 4 years we’re blessed with an extra day, and today, Monday February 29th 2016 is one of those days. What are you going to do with it? I have four suggestions for Calgarians to fuel your stomach, head, community and soul!

1. Have a Hot Chocolate

Celebrate the last day of YYC Hot Chocolate Fest. All hot chocolate purchased on Feb 29th will have double the impact on Calgary Meals on Wheels thanks to matching donations by a sponsor!

2. Sign up to Treasure League

A city-wide real life treasure hunt to win $500 each month. A clue arrives each day by email in the form of a puzzle, riddle, poem, song etc. Amazing team building opportunities. We went on family outings to treasure hunt in areas of the city we’d never been in before, we discovered public art, learned about Calgary and its history and generally had a jolly great time.  I’ll likely write a full post about the wonderment of being a member of Treasure League, but in the mean time, take it from me that you should sign up. February 2016 was the first month of the League and there was much fun on social media between members, including two folks tracking me down for a hint on Facebook after I posted on Twitter that I solved one of the clues! Get a bonus clue for March by signing up today. The cost is $10 per month and well worth the entertainment value. Head over to Treasure League and tell them Peita Luti sent you.

3. Put a positive spin on Calgary

This Survey just launched with a view to celebrating all that is great about this wonderful city.

4. Volunteer for something. Anything.

A couple of years ago I began volunteering at galas and fundraising events that I wanted to attend and support without paying $$$ for a ticket. I saw top performers, ate wonderful food, met fantastic people and ended up getting a job through those connections.

There are so many causes worthy of your time. Go out and find something to contribute to. Even if it’s just a few hours. Just about every charity can use some help. Serve food at the Inn from the Cold or the Drop in Centre, help a child to read, join your local community association, staff a casino. Search here for something to suit you.

Enjoy our “bonus” day!