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Frugal Spring Break in Calgary

Spring Break is here again, and this time my kids happen to be off school for 12 days. We’re not going away and they are not in any day camps, so that means a certain amount of balancing boredom, not spending all day in front of electronics, and not spending a load of cash. If the kids had their way, we’d be out for lunch every day! Here are 8 ideas for having a fun time while not breaking the bank. Continue reading “Frugal Spring Break in Calgary”


Quick & Easy Handmade Business Cards

What do you do if you are needing business cards for a conference or a meeting tomorrow and you don’t have time to order any? I had this very challenge and here is the solution I came up with. Continue reading “Quick & Easy Handmade Business Cards”

505 Reasons to Love Treasure League

It been a year since I started this blog and posting has been pretty sporadic. I write lots of entries in my head and never get around to typing them out, or I haven’t taken any photos of something I want to write about and feel the words alone aren’t enough. One of my excuses for not writing more is that, since February 2016, we have been treasure hunting. Proper looking-for-a-hidden-wooden-chest-containing-riches treasure hunting… and it’s been a barrel of fun!

Continue reading “505 Reasons to Love Treasure League”

Hidden Gem: Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs

I love that, even after 10 years of living in Calgary, I can still discover new favourite places and hidden gems that I’ve never visited or heard of before. A friend told me about the Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs and we recently went to explore with a picnic in hand.

Continue reading “Hidden Gem: Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs”

Arbour Day Trees – An insane tradition?

Yesterday, my daughter came home from school with a tree seedling. It turns out that every Grade 1 student in Calgary is gifted a seedling in celebration of Arbour Day each year.

First thought… what a lovely gesture! And Arbour Day is the longest running civic greening project in Calgary, so it’s obviously been going on for a long time.

Continue reading “Arbour Day Trees – An insane tradition?”

Adventures in Cake Decorating

Years ago, I bought a giant cup cake pan and justified the extortionate cost by saying that I’d use it for EVERY SINGLE birthday cake for all family members forever more. Whilst I haven’t exactly done that, I have had a lot of fun with it, as well as a few “what have I gotten myself into” moments of cake decorating. Thought I’d share a few of them here…

Continue reading “Adventures in Cake Decorating”

Close to home. A personal reflection on the Dunblane tragedy.

In 1996 I was 17 years of age and in 6th year at McLaren High School in my hometown of Callander in Stirling, Scotland. I remember that final year of high school being unique from all the rest. I took classes that were different from what I’d previously studied, like Music and Modern Studies… things I was interested in rather than classes I need to get into University. Free study periods were built into our days, and we were treated with a greater respect by both the students and teachers. I was deputy head girl which came with both extra responsibilities and privileges. Continue reading “Close to home. A personal reflection on the Dunblane tragedy.”

4 Things to Do on Leap Day

Once every 4 years we’re blessed with an extra day, and today, Monday February 29th 2016 is one of those days. What are you going to do with it? I have four suggestions for Calgarians to fuel your stomach, head, community and soul! Continue reading “4 Things to Do on Leap Day”

Relax and Invigorate: Indian Head Massage

Now that we’re well into 2016, I’ve been working on a few new challenges and goals for the year. Last year I tried out meditation (check out the fabulous Headspace app) and lying on my Yantra Mat as ways to relax and clear my mind, as my brain seems to constantly go at 100 miles an hour. I hold a lot of tension and stress in my shoulders and, with work getting super busy late last year, I could feel my neck and shoulders needing some attention. Continue reading “Relax and Invigorate: Indian Head Massage”

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